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Bruker proposera un atelier de 9h à 12h le mercredi 25 octobre, en lien avec le thème "Grands instruments et caractérisation aux petites échelles", divisé en deux parties "AFM" et "Nano-indentation" présentées ci-dessous :


  • Première partie : “New AFM Tools for Automated Quantitative Nanomechanics on Living Cells and Tissues”

New developments and tools will be introduced to automate the mechanical characterization of large-scale, rough tissues and cell samples using AFM. In particular, a new mode called SmartMapping will be presented that allows the acquisition of free-form shaped maps and enables the mechanical characterization of rough samples (roughness >100µm) by combining a piezo-based z-motion with a motorized z-motion.


  • Deuxième partie : “Practical Guide to Nanoindentation of Biomaterials”

Nanoindentation has proven itself to be a powerful technique for the characterization of inhomogeneous biological materials. In addition to their elasticity, biological materials also exhibit time-dependent behavior and can span a range of stiffness in moduli from single Pa to several GPa. Experience in testing instrumentation is necessary for acquisition of quantitative data from such challenging samples.  This lecture will provide practical guide and hands on experience on Bruker’s Hysitron nanoindentation instrument, applications, and data interpretation, covering hard and soft biomaterials. Furthermore, correlation between mechanical data and tissue microstructure together with in-situ Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques will be discussed.


Mots-clefs: Nanomechanics, Automation, Microrheology, Biomaterials, Correlative Microscopy



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